Sunday, 24 October 2010

Sunday 24th October

I had a lovely walk with Jessie today.  Jessie is a golden retriever who belongs to the boss lady's sister.  She lovely, it's just a shame she can't run the same as she used to.  I heard the people talking about how she has had to have an operation on bother cruciate ligaments, which has meant she's had to spend a lot of time not having proper walks, it's so sad.

But it was still a nice walk, until I fell in the water that is.  I decided to have one of my mad half hours and race up and down.  The trouble was I got too close to the edge of the stream and I fell in.

Boy was it manky!!  All the 'waste' from the fields washes down into that stream, so I ponged a bit when I got out.  Still, it was a nice day, and I dried off quick.  Then I got a lovely bath when I got home :-)

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