Sunday, 3 April 2011

Sunday 3rd April

What a weird day.  Firstly it was something called Mother's Day.  That meant the little people made breakfast, but they made enough for about 30 people, so I had a lovely brekkie, much better than the biscuits I normally have. Yum.

Then we went to the beach, loved it.  The tide was in so I went for  paddle, I've got over my fear of water now and I like to have a little dip.  I got a new toy called a frisbee.  Strange thing, flies through the air, but after I chewed it when I was running, it didn't fly so well.

Any way, then they went off to the zoo.  To look at animals would you believe!!!  As if I'm not good enough, pah!

Then it was back to the beach in the afternoon.  But this time there was someone there flying something called a kite, a gret big thing, looked like a parachute.  It made loads of noise flapping in the wind and it scared me something rotten.  I tried to make myself look bigger, put my neck and back heckles up, but the thing kept flying.  Eventually I ran to mum and she looked after me.  Then we walked in the dunes to keep away from it.

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