Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Tuesday 21st February

Met a greyhound on the beach this week.  Man, those guys are fast!!  I did manage to catch up with him a few times, but that was only when he stopped or changed course. 

That was a lovely day, it's a pity it's done nothing but rain ever since.  The kids are back at school now, so it's back to walking with granddad on the days when the boss works.  I don't mind that, it means I've got Valey to play with.

Today though we were up the quarry and through the mist I could only see Nella.  She's good to play with too, we had a great run round, although she's as mad as a hatter and rolls in all the muddy puddles.

I'm still doing my best to keep warm, not that it's cold in the house, but I just like to snuggle up in the quilt (I managed to get it before it was put back on the bed after being washed).

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