Saturday, 4 September 2010

Saturday 28th August

I don't care what they say, I don't like being on my own at night, it's just not nice.  Luckily the one called mum is a real softie, she let me sleep with her last night.

It's quite today, the two smaller ones (called children) have gone away for the weekend, so me and mum have been playing, and she's been telling me to come a lot.  I think that means I have to go over to see her, don't see why I should, but she gives me a little treat to eat, so if she's daft enough to do that, I'll keep on going over to see her.

I was on my own for a bit today, I didn't like that one little bit, mum said it was just because she had to pop out to Asda.  I'm not sure what an Asda is but it felt like she was gone for hours, she said it was just 10 minutes though.  I cried a lot when she was gone, and couldn't stop even when she got back because I got my self all worked up, I thought she might not come home.  But she did and gave me a big fuss, so I managed to calm myself down eventually.

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