Saturday, 4 September 2010

Thursday 2nd September

What a shock today, I was just started to get used to things when off we went in the car again.  I don't really like the car it swishes around too much.  But it wasn't for long, just a couple of minutes.

Then we went into this building that smelled horrible, all clinical and nasty.  There were some other dogs there, they were huge, like monsters!  Lucky I didn't have to talk to them, I think they would have eaten me.

But then the horrid thing happened, we went to see this man and he stabbed me in the back of the neck, and gave me some medicine to drink.  Ow that hurt, they said it's good for me, I don't know how they work that out.

Anyway, this is me sleeping, but this time I was brave enough to sleep next to the cat.  She's okay, she can be a bit moody sometimes and doesn't like to play much.  She jumps up on the side I can't reach when I chase her tail, I mean, what's wrong with that?

I also got this thing, which is really cool, I can sleep in there and no one else can fit in, so it's my little place all to myself.

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